Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service do you provide?

We compile a fresh filterable list of meticulously selected open proxies for your use. Our goal is to provide the best price-quality rated proxy list on the web.

How do you go about compiling the proxy list?

Our software is constantly scanning across network ranges known to frequently have working proxies as well as crawling the web to aggregate known proxies. Found proxies are classified by type, anonymity level and territory (country and city), checked for COOKIES, REFERER and POST support, and adding to our database, available to our customers in real-time. Our proxy list updating every minute and fully re-checking within only 5 minutes.

To ensure high quality, we are excluding from our list proxies from dangerous IP ranges, returning incomplete or non-integrity answers (checking CRC) due to high load, unstable work or malicious activities, and proxies, that didn't respond within 5 second.

What do the different speed grades mean?

Accurate determination of proxy server speed in bytes per second is a pretty resources expensive task, so we use a simplified speed grading system, that is quite clearly characterizes the speed. We divide proxy servers in our proxy list into three speed grades, based on the proxy test completion time.

How do I get a proxy list in raw TXT format <ip:port>?

You may get a proxy list in raw TXT format <ip:port> to use in your software or for other reasons via an API link. Once created, this link will point to always actual proxies with the parameters you provide throughout the period of validity of your VIP password.

Creating an API link is simple, just sign in with your VIP password and set up and apply proxy filter (if required, otherwise the API link will point to whole proxy list) at proxy list page. The API link will shown in the appropriate field at the bottom of proxy filter window, click the icon to the right to copy link to clipboard.

Notice The number of requests to an API link is limited to 2 requests per 10 seconds for single IP address and/or one VIP password. Additionally, access to an API interface is limited to three a.b.0.0/16 networks (for example 123.123.*.*, where «*» is an any number) per 24 hours for a single VIP password, which is sufficient enough for users with dynamic IP. Requests beyond this limitations will not be processed.

Warning The API link contains your VIP password, so it should not be published in sources, accessible by third parties or transferred to third parties in any other way.

How to get a VIP password to

To get full access to our proxy database, you must buy a VIP password. The purchase process is automated, we accept WebMoney and PayPal .

In the buy section, select the desired duration of the subscription and click the appropriate «Buy» button below. Carefully read the Terms of Service, and in case of fully accepting them, type in your e-mail address in the appropriate form field, choose payment method and subscription period, and follow the further instructions on the screen to complete your payment. After payment completion you will receive your VIP password to specified e-mail. Press «Sign In» button at the right top of the site to sign in with your VIP password and access our proxy database.

Warning You must specify your real valid e-mail address, which not belongs to disposable e-mail services and only you have access to. Your VIP password will be sent at this address after payment completion. If you specified incorrect e-mail, or didn't receive your VIP password within 5 minutes after payment complete for any other reason, please contact support via e-mail . Don't forget to specify your payment details.

How to extend an existing VIP password to

Extending an existing VIP password is similar to the process of buying the new one with one difference. After the acceptance of Terms of Service, click at «EXTEND AN EXISTING VIP PASSWORD» at the right top of windows, and specify a VIP password to extend. Only activated and active VIP password may be extended.